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June 2006



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Jun. 28th, 2006


Photo Update

I’ve been so lackluster after the aggravating match last weekend. I expected Swiss to win, but we didn’t even get a chance with that referee!!! That was the only match this year that Korea was actually decent. Anyways, I’m sick of soccer talks.
So in order to overcome my misery, I bought a new camera/DMB phone!!!!

pictures!!!Collapse )

Jun. 14th, 2006




There's nothing like ending the day by going to a pub - with a beer in one hand, cheering as our proud players score, and getting free vodka shots after the game.

I was only in Hong-Ik University, and it was pretty god damn festive - people shouting, beeping with the signature Korean rhythym, doing fireworks, playing the traditional korean drums, etc
I can only imagine how it was at Gwang Hwa Mun or the City Hall.

I feel sorry for all my student friends who have to take their finals tomorrow.

P.S: They should fire the cameraman of MBC

Jun. 7th, 2006


Reminiscent of the good times...

I unexpectedly came across the warm scent of cucumber-melon during work. Since there are no ‘Bath & Body Works’ in Korea, it was a lovely surprise. It turns out, one of my coworkers lived in the States and brought back a whole stash of it - so I took the pleasure of lathering my skin with it, and indulging in the fond memories.
I use a different scented lotion/perfume every year, and I recommend all of you to do this. Scent is a strong device for recollection. Whenever I come across a previously-used scent, all the fond memories come flooding by and makes my heart beat. It is truly wonderful.

The history of scents I have used:
9th grade – Polo sports woman
10th grade – CK one
11th grade – Hugo woman
12th grade – CK be
Freshman – cucumber melon
Sophomore – Victoria secret, strawberry
Japan – nina ricci
Present – johnsons baby lotion - jasmine

Cucumber melon was the scent of my favorite year, freshman year in college - the last year I could expose all my frivolity and still be considered cute – the year when I met so many amazing people, most of whom gradually drifted away – and the year when I reached the peak of my popularity. I can’t believe it’s already been 4 years. It’s heartbreaking to think I will never get the same excitements as I did back then.

Jun. 6th, 2006


7 Things you should never do

1. Being broke.
2. Going shopping when you're broke.
3. Going shopping with a friend, when you're broke.
4. Going shopping with a friend and telling him what to buy, when you're broke.
5. Going shopping with a friend, telling him what to buy, and watching him buy all kinds of crap, when you're broke.
6. Walking 4 hours while shopping with a friend, telling him what to buy, and watching him buy all kinds of crap, when you're broke.
7. Wearing heels


Putting an end to procrastination.

Jun. 3rd, 2006


(no subject)

I’ve been insanely busy of late, which explains the lack of posts. I found a new job at KBS (the largest broadcasting station in Korea) as a research assistant of a documentary program, Environment Special. They’re rather lenient with the time (I just need to get there by 10, and leave any time after 6, depending on the workload PLUS flexible lunch time! ALSO, - I can tell them when I want to take a day off, and I have it! ), work (Independent research, taking as much time and resource as I want), and clothing (All my summer clothes are way too ‘revealing’ for other Korean corporations, so I’m quite pleased). We have a relatively free atmosphere, and everyone is extremely social and fun. I was fairly surprised when my superiors offered me soju at lunch. Not a lot of Korean bosses offer you alcohol at daylight, and especially during office hours.

Anyhow, I am getting a reputation as a brilliant researcher, which unfortunately means that I’m inundated with way too much additional work. My main task is to list 150 different species of animals that can be filmed, their main characteristics and routines, the monitoring organizations, the local maps, etc. (all in 3 months) But since I’m the only person fluent in English, I get stuck with a lot of other people’s tasks, like extra research, making international phone calls, writing letters... I’m literally doing three people’s workload, and I’m already concerned whether I can finish everything in time.

I get paid slightly less than the place I worked before, but hell, I’m working for the media! Besides, it’s fun to roam around the staff-only sections of the building while fanatic teenagers camp outside. It’s a shame I don’t watch TV, as I don’t recognize most of the celebrities I see. Nonetheless, so far, I’m completely in love with my new job.

Last week, I was pretty grossed out researching animal welfare in the States. I swear, when I go back, I’ll be a fucking vegetarian. I’m not that much of a humanitarian and definitely not a supporter of animal rights; I love my steaks, sashimi, pork chops, burger king... and pretty much don’t care what I need to sacrifice in order to satiate my stomach. In spite of all this, I was utterly grossed out by all the gory details. Thank god I’m not a big fan of dairy products or eggs. Well, here are some delicious facts for you meat/dairy/egg lovers out there:

1. The hens are genetically engineered to lay as many eggs as physically possible. Unfortunately, that means they’re born with a fairly small body and not much flesh. Consequently, the male chicks are deemed to have almost no economic value, and are thrown into the trash as soon as they’re born. They end up dying from suffocation or the intense weight of their brothers. The more unfortunate chicks are thrown into the grinder alive and conscious. Most of their skulls remain intact, which means they are conscious while watching their bodies ground up into pieces and splattered on the field.

2. The hens that no longer produce eggs are thrown into a dark room for 18 days, without food or water. The stress forces them to molt so that they can repeat yet another torturous cycle of being crammed in a tiny cage with barely enough space to move. Afterwards, when these chicks become useless, they are thrown into the wood-chipping machine by lots.

3. The geese raised for the delicacy, Foie Gras, are crammed in a cage that is literally exactly their size. Since any living creatures can’t possibly stay still all the time, they get wounded from the abrasions against the wire cages. The rats take advantage of this situation and eat them partially or wholly, depending on their appetite. The ones that survive face another day of intentional force feeding, where a metal shoot is forced down their throats to stuff it with corn.

4. The dairy cows are forced to have a child continuously, forced to be pregnant for most of their adulthood. With the recent scientific advances, they can milk 7 months out of 9 months of their pregnancy. Most of the cows have mastitis, an infection in their udder

5. The calves are forced to separate from their mothers at birth. If they’re lucky, they stay alive for a few more months until they are sent to the slaughter house. Others get fed with food that intentionally lack iron (to force anemia – for the valued pale flesh) and get sent away as veal in a few days or weeks. If the calf is a female, she will follow her mother’s path.

6. Cows and pigs are forced into small stalls which are barely enough for them to fit in, Most of them have heart problems from overeating and lack of exercise. A good number of them are unable to stand – and become “downed cows.” When they are sent to the slaughterhouse, they are beaten, pushed, pulled, or even forced with bulldozers.

7. The majority of the animals at the slaughterhouse are conscious during the whole process, because the owners are afraid that too much electricity might ruin the meat value. They are fully conscious and try to resist, as their tails and feet are cut off, bowels are torn out, and bodies are skinned.

There is a great deal more, but I’m too grossed out to continue or to post any of the interesting pictures. In any case, Bon appetite!

This week, I’m investigating the desertification, droughts, and famines in Africa – which is less gruesome but equally brutal. Even so, I have to say I’m relieved too see less blood.

May. 9th, 2006


The aftermath of a dreamy week...

I spent the last week welcoming my ex-turned-into-current boyfriend from Japan.
He actually quit his job last year, and started his own company so that he'd have more time to spend with me.
(He's doing pretty well, with a rapidly increasing yearly income of $100,000)
I took off a week at work, and wandered all over Seoul, visiting well-known jazz bars, notable restaurants, and the touristy spots.
He returned to Japan yesterday, and I'm having a hard time adjusting to the average, working days.
I. n.e.e.d. t.o. f.o.c.u.s.
Having hell of a listless day.

May. 1st, 2006


(no subject)

I took a few photos during my short trip to the East Sea.
It's supposed to be the most beautiful out of the 3 seas that surround Korea.
Here's some pics~;-)

Click for more picsCollapse )

Apr. 29th, 2006


Did this ever happen to you?

Ok, so…
Today, I was waiting for the subway - as usual.
It was rather crowded, as it always was.
I was walking towards the end, and suddenly, I lost my balance and tripped.
While my left leg was still struggling in the air, I hurried my right leg forward – in an attempt to restore my balance.
Somehow, the landing was not very successful.
So I quickly placed my left leg, then my right, then my left...
Before I knew it, I was rushing down the platform until I hit the ground.

People were staring, and it was embarrassing...
I started to laugh like crazy.

I had a lot of space around me that day.
Maybe I should try this everyday~ haha

Apr. 19th, 2006


quick complaint...

Things have been pretty hectic at my work.
I can't believe how many FUCKING IDIOTS work at my place!!!
Generally speaking, Koreans study their ass of during high school and compensate for all their lost time in college.
They spend most of their time dating, drinking, and getting part time jobs to whore on over-priced crap.
They only need to spend a day a week to really sit down and actually start reading their textbook.
What annoys me the most is...THE PROFESSORS STILL GIVE THEM DECENT GRADES!!!!!
More students get employed, the better reputation the school gets, so the profs do anything to give the students good grades, recommendations, etc.
Ofcourse, there are exceptions. The med school, law school 'n engineering students actually DO study.
But 80% of the Korean friends and acquaintances I've met were so damn lazy and unqualified, and still managed to graduate!!!
This one guy in work graduated from Yonsei Univ (the second best univ, in Korea) majoring in English Literature, and can't even write a decent paragraph.
My cousin, also an English Literature graduate, writes like she's in 6th grade, only studies 2 days before exams, and still manages to get A's
And these people get a perfect score on their TOEFLS (even though they can barely speak with a native english speaker) because they go to institutions that teach them how to score better (rather than teaching them how to read/write/talk better)

It's only been a year since I came to Korea, and already, I feel despair.
Talent is nothing in this fucking country. All you need is connections, money, and complete lack of self-respect

This reminds me,
my sister's friend had a "part time job" where she had to write recommendations for a stranger.
Her employer was a rich, spoiled korean girl who was applying to an american college.
She hired an essay-writer, recommendation writer, and an application writer.
Basically, she didn't even read her own fucking application.
My sister's other friend spent the last 3 months preparing for her application in Seoul.
Her 'teacher's prepared all of her portfolios, essays, blah blah, and she got accepted to F.I.T and Parsons.
Sweet thing, money...

and the media is going on and on about how so many "smart" Koreans were accepted to the top universities in the states...

Apr. 15th, 2006


insomnia is a bitch.

BTW, I went to a gynecologist for the first time in my life,
and it was possibly one of the most awkward moments I've had.
yeah....waiting on a chair with your legs spread apart and something up your something
while the nurse and the doctor's talking about some crazy granny...
not a pretty picture.

oh, and I'm 2 months late.
Something to do with my stress, insomnia, oriental medicine, and fucked up hormones
If I don't get more than 4 hours of sleep today, I will seriously kill myself.

(no subject)

My ex-ex-boyfriend (the japanese one) is coming to Korea in 2 weeks!!!
I thought it might be awkward to see him again,
especially cuz i never broke up with him and lost touch with him for almost a year...
but we talked on the phone, and he just makes me feel so comfortable.
it's kinda wierd, considering he doesn't speak english, so we can only communicate in my very elementary japanese.

Anyways!!! he's planning to spend the Golden Week here in Korea.
I'm really looking forward to it.
I never took a tour around Korea, so this is my chance ;-)
And taka-chan is so much richer than last year, since he has his own business now.
I wish I could have my fantasy weekend, dragging him around town and begging him to get me a chanel bag...
he'd probably buy it for me too.
God, I just wish I got rid of this teeeeeeeenie bit of conscience I have left.
I'm just really, really broke.
I bought a lottery for the first time in my life, and I only got 2 of the 6 numbers.
not the best way to waste $10.

Apr. 14th, 2006


Otaku update--

Death note - one of the best mangas I've read!
I'm absolutely in love with it!!!! Too bad L died.

And there's a new series of Petshop of Horrors!
I didn't have time to read it yet, but gonna borrow it on monday.

Apr. 2nd, 2006


I'm a fucking idiot

I'm 21.
I'm an adult.
I should know better.
Learning everything the hard way....
i really wish i could reset my life.

Mar. 20th, 2006


My favorite pastime

The Korean media is interesting, to say the least.
In fact, watching the news has become one of my favorite pastimes here.

The past few days, Korea caught a sudden baseball fever, after beating USA and Japan in the world baseball classics.
And surprise! Out of the blue, the media starts to rant about the ‘national heroes’, how Koreans finally defeated Japan in baseball despite Japan’s 30 years headstart, and the players even got exempted from army service. The sports news section, which is usually crammed with soccer, becomes a baseball documentary, showing the history of Korean baseball.
As expected, they carry it too far, digging through old records trying to show how Koreans have always defeated Japan in the 8th round, blah blah blah. It was so awkwardly overdone that it was painful (and frankly, quite amusing) to watch. They were so sure of winning, and went on and on about victory.
And we lost.
The media was unusually quiet that day, barely mentioning the defeat. Then, they started to patch up. “Despite the defeat, our heroes~ blah blah blah”

And there was the congressman scandal. A drunk congressman sexually harassed a female reporter, and his excuse was that he thought she was working there. Few days later, fellow congressmen publicly defended him by saying alcohol was the main cause. They held up a glass of liquor and smashed it with a hammer. Nice showmanship.

I wander what’s up next.

Mar. 14th, 2006


Fuck true love.

Today is 'White Day,' a sequel to the Valentines Day, invented by the money-hungry merchants in Asia.
Thanks to them, the whole country was stuffed with huge colorful baskets full of candies, flowers, dolls, and other girly gifts.
There are too many 'event days' in Korea. (In fact, there is one every month, on the 14th. Valentines, White, Black, Rose, etc)
And once every month, the stores go mad, trying to scrap every single penny out of parents who have pretentious, extravagant, ostentatious kids.
I was never a big fan of gifts (except the ones that remain - clothes, shoes, diamonds, rubies, gold, etc) so I don't really understand those girls.
As I have seen so far, they don't eat the candies, and throw the flowers away in a few days.
They just seem to enjoy the few seconds when people look at them and think, 'wow, she got a huge basket full of useless junk from her boyfriend.'
I never understood why that makes them feel superior to others, and I probably never will.
I just hope one day they'll grow up and realize how much money they're wasting. (The baskets costs$50~100)
I'm in a really crappy mood today, partially because I didn't get enough sleep, and mostly because I broke up with my boyfriend again
We've been on and off, which I blame on his kindness and my indecisive nature.
We said we'd be "friends" but we've been dating again, and I broke it off for the 4th time.
It's really sad how much people change.
Or maybe it's not the people, but the feelings...
Overall, he was a really nice boyfriend.
He had his faults (overly sensitive, swearing too much, mood swings, and his little fetish) but he really did love me.
On the other hand, I admit I was a terrible girlfriend.
I was always late (and he'd wait for hours without complaining), and I didn't want my family to know I was seeing someone, so I kept him a secret. (Which meant canceling dates at the last moment - since 'family duties' come first, not being able to make lunches - one of the must-dos in the Asian 'girlfriend bible', not much dating or talking on the phone)
I guess he did complain a little, but generally speaking, he was very understanding.
In fact, there were days where he made me lunch, and I had to cancel our date...
So yes, I was a terrible girlfriend.
And I was the one who broke it off every time.
I had my reasons (his fetish, he was too possessive, he loved me but didn't have much respect and I felt the need to compromise because of my guilt) but I offered to be the bitch.
But then he apologized, and he even cried for me...
I feel so lonely, and I really want to talk to him again, but I'm afraid I'd get back together again, and hurt him even more.
I always want to be loved when I'm not ready to love someone back.
I don't think I'll ever get married...

Mar. 11th, 2006


Oriental Medicine

Today was my first visit to Kyong Hee Hospital, supposedly the best Oriental Medicinal Hospital in Korea.
I'm not a fan of Oriental medicine, especially after my nasty experience last year (when I lost 10 pounds because the "medicine" was "too strong" or "my body was too weak for the medicine," blah blah blah)
I'm not a huge fan of vomiting, but I went regardless, mostly to fulfill my filial duty.

Doctor: Why did you come here?
Me: I have really bad cramps when I have my period.
Doctor: What are your symptoms?
Me: blah blah blah ....(5 minutes of explanation)
Doctor: Did you have any other sicknesses?
Me: blah blah blah (5 more minutes of explanation)

-Doctor sticks some needles in my skin for 5 minutes
-An Intern cauterizes my stomach for another 5 minutes

Doctor: There's a problem with your...blood circulation. I'll prescribe you some medicine for 20 days.

AND THE TOTAL COST IS $300!! For 20 minutes!!!!

Seriously, it's like the easiest job in the world!!!!
And the best part is, the doctors don't have any responsibilities.
The patients don't know any of the logics behind the treatments,
and most of them have already been treated by western medicine, and didn't find it to be effective.
Basically, if the medication doesn't work, they say "It can't be helped, because my situation is serious"
and if it does work it proves the "superiority of Oriental medicine"

Mar. 9th, 2006


Catching up with my otaku side

Fruits Basket: turns out to be a fucked up series.
Spoiler]WTF do uo mean Akito's a woman? And what's up with all the incest? Why does Shigure turn into a perverted bastard?

Nana: Takumi becomes likeable. Nana-Ren couple is so cute!!!Something really dark and serious is about to happen...

Kimi wa Pet: The series just ended! Just when I was starting to really really like it.(/T_T)/

One Piece: This is so addictive but there were only 2 new books!! (Y.Y)//

Vagabond: *faints*

Alive: A pretty goood series about iijime.

Kare Kano: I finally watched the whole series

Just starting Densha Ottoko, a really funny series about an otaku dating a beautiful/rich girl.
haha...I'm such a dork *sigh*

Mar. 7th, 2006


I had my wisdom tooth pulled out...

Why would I pay $15 to be in such pain?

Feb. 25th, 2006


Ending this long hiatus~

I didn't realize that it's already been 2 weeks since my last post.

Well, I've been severely depressed because of my skin problems.
Apparently, my skin itches and gets rashes when the weather is so fucking dry.
And guess what? Makeup worsens it, so I can't even hide it.
AND I'm still wearing my glasses because I'm not sure if I will get the surgery, blah

Basically, I looked like shit.
I hate it when that happens.


So I've been avoiding people in general,
and I practically lived in the library.
I also started reading Murakami Haruki, which is probably The best thing I've done this year.


My mom came to visit and brought me "Chunzhi", a heavenly japanese skin ointment.
It fixed my skin in just 3 days, what the dermatologists tried to do - in vain.


My sister's moving into a dorm. I envy her a lot.

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